About us

Silje Michaela Kvalheim  


Since she was examined from Oslo Nathional Academy of the Arts in 2007 Silje has produced a number of dance performances and films. She has worked throught Kompani UT  and also created her own work. Siljes work can be recognized by her intensity and hightened awareness. She seldom chooses the simplest path, and works thouroughly and precise to reach her goals. Silje has a unique ability to communicate with animals, espesially horses. This ability has been seen through her numerous workshops with horses, films and productions the past years.

In this project Silje is the dancer, choreographer and owner of the project/idea.


Jon Mihle


Jon has for the past 25 years worked as a contemporary artist, producer and cultural entrepeneur. He has a long and varied resume that contains art project in Norway and overseas, TV- production, and lanscape installations.

In this production Jon is the producer and facilitator.

Jon and Silje has worked together on many different productions and events.

Karina Bjerremann 


Karina Bjerremann is Certified by EAGALA as an Equine Specialist Professional since 2007 and is currently in the process of advanced certification with mentoring. She has been the coordinator of EAGALA Denmark for 5 years and is, at the moment, participating in research on EAGALA-model with Danish veterans with PTSD, in cooperation with Aarhus University.

Karina is founder of Hestenge – an equine company that, utilizing 7 consultants,  provides EAP and EAL programs for military veterans as well as  corporations and public service organizations.

Karina and Silje has worked together on establishing the workshop concept:” Horses moving dancers” . Karina will be an eye from the outside in this project, ensuring the safety of the horses and Silje.


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What happends when a dancer goes to dance with a pack of wild horses in Mongolia?

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